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How to find a good accountant

At Smooth Accounting, we firmly believe that whilst your average accountant should be a wizard with numbers, an extraordinary accountant has the ability to turn them into tangible plans.
How to find a good accountant
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    Able to do so much more than simply interpret a financial sheet, your accountant will know all the magic formulas to achieving business success.

    There are many good accountants around, but a great accountant can make all the difference to how your business operates and grows. Look for an accountant who can manage the numbers, whilst pushing your performance and supporting your dreams.

    But just how do you go about finding the right accountant for your business? Whether it is recommendations and referrals, someone local or searched for online, they need to share your visions for the future whilst pointing out potential pitfalls along the way.

    Smooth Accounting are a multi award winning team of financial experts who like to work in close collaboration with our clients. Based in Fareham, we are perfectly placed to provide accountancy services on the Isle of Wight for all sized businesses.

    Benefits of a great accountant:

    Whether you are part of a brand new start-up venture, expanding an existing company or simply looking for a new accountant, it is important that you find the right fit for you. Here are some top tips for appointing an accountant.

    • Getting to know you – your accountant should want to invest their time in getting to know your business beyond the numbers. They should act as an extension to your team, adding value through in-depth insights and sound advice. Because whilst the internet has given most businesses access to a whole new digital world – allowing clients and accountants the freedom to work when they want from where they want – regular face to face meetings are still important in order to fully immerse everyone in the day to day running of the business. At Smooth Accounting our offices are within easy commute of the Isle of Wight which means we are able to visit your business as and when you need us most.
    • A mutual understanding of business growth – a good accountant should have personal experience in growing a business in order for them to be both credible and relatable. As winners of the prestigious Best Start Up Business 2018 award, Smooth Accounting know first-hand what it takes for businesses to grow, evolve and make brave decisions. Therefore, you can count on us to not only advise and guide you but to demonstrate new ways of working.
    • Added support in uncertain times – From managing sales, payroll, purchase ledgers and cashflow, your accountant should be able to handle the accounting basics. A great accountant, however, should be able to offer advice during difficult times such as Brexit. As the UK prepares to leave the EU, the current economic and financial climate is still facing uncertainty, which in the long term, could have serious implications for local businesses. At Smooth Accounting we are here to ensure that you are ready for any form of upcoming change, including modifications to legislation which may impact the running of your business.
    • Taking your business online – as a business it is important that you use your time wisely. If you find that your are spending your days logging receipts and wrestling with spreadsheets, then it’s time to take your finances online. At Smooth Accounting we use a secure, cloud-based, bookkeeping programme called Xero. This innovative online accounting system allows you to seamlessly access your business finances, no matter where in the world you happen to be. Unlike other traditional accounting software’s, Xero can be operated from any device (be it mobile, tablet or laptop), and has the functionality to allow you to check bank balances, raise and pay invoices, customise reports and even log business expenses.

    xero silver partner isle of wight

    Why choose Smooth Accounting?

    At Smooth Accounting we offer more than a financial service to our clients – we offer advice, guidance and support. Our dedicated and enthusiastic team care passionately about the companies they immerse themselves in and use their expertise in tax, VAT and business services to help them succeed.

    We pride ourselves on our high standards and attention to detail, offering an accounting service that is value for money and second to none. And it seems our clients agree, having left us some glowing reviews on our website.

    So, if you are a business located on the Isle of Wight and are looking for a fantastic financial expert to team up with and streamline your accounts, then think Smooth Accounting. Contact us by calling 01983 897345 or complete our online form for a free, no obligation quote.

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    We work with a wide range of businesses on a national level and can give you the friendly and expert accounting advice you need.



    We work with a wide range of businesses on a national level and can give you the friendly and expert accounting advice you need.

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