The Best Accommodation on the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is a prime vacation destination within the UK, therefore, it is only fitting that the island offers a range of accommodations to fit any budget or lifestyle. Although you will likely be spending very much time indoors, the island offers hotels, cottages, villas, and lodges to offer you distinctive Isle of Wight flair with all of the comforts you have come to expect when on holiday. 

Hotels on the Isle of Wight

Sometimes, only the best will do when vacation accommodations are being decided, and the Isle of Wight’s premier hotel, The Royal, is without doubt, the most coveted hotel on the island. Located on the coast of Ventnor, the Royal takes its name as one of Queen Victoria’s favorite getaways when she visited the island. Rooms are ornate and luxurious with just the right amount of comfort and convenience. 

For a less ostentatious stay, consider lodging at Haven Hall in Shanklin. This premier hotel is designed with a country theme in mind, which combines a rustic and relaxing vibe with all of the comforts of an upscale hotel. This accommodation is also attractive to visitors as it is one of the only hotels on the island that let you bring your dog, so no worrying about kennel fees when planning your Isle of Wight trip. 

Isle of Wight Cottages

The Isle of Wight is a viable selection of UK real estate, and this can be an important factor for visitors who want to make the island their temporary home. Classic Cottages located in Seaview offer a traditional vacation home with the cultural theme of coziness and home comforts as their main draw. You can choose from a grand country home if your stay will be an extended one, or, a more quaint and convenient bolthole in Cowes, which is sure to put you in sync with a traditional Isle of Wight living arrangement. 

If you want a more rural experience, the Isle of Wight Holiday Cottages has locations throughout the island to give visitors a more local and traditional island experience. These cottages range in type, from luxurious offerings with hot tubs and swimming pools to more earthy and rustic country-style cottages further inland. Most of these cottages allow pets. 

If you’re staying on the Island but think of moving here permanently and need the help of an accountant on the Isle of Wight please call Smooth Accounting. They are available for face-to-face consultations on the Island and offer a no-obligation call to get started.


If a cottage is a bit large for your stay, you can certainly seek a similar arrangement that is more streamlined and compact. A villa from Luccombe Villa Holiday Apartments in Shanklin is a great option if the busy hustle and bustle of a hotel and the large size of a cottage is not in your sights. These villas are also available in either luxury or country themes and are available in one to three-bedroom units. 

Bargain Lodges

Sometimes it is just overkill in deciding on luxury accommodations and a more traditional hotel stay is perfectly acceptable. The Seaview Hotel in Seaview offers an affordable and economical stay with comfortable rooms that are decorated in true Seaview fashion. This hotel is no fuss and provides just the right amount of space and comfort. 

Finding a nice place to stay on the Isle of Wight is incredibly easy due to the island’s numerous accommodations. No matter what your price range or desired level of comfort, the island offers something for every taste and budget, with quality of the utmost importance to each and every accommodation. Whether you choose to stay in a more traditional hotel, or, you decide to have a truly local experience by renting a cottage or villa, the Isle of Wight caters to every preference and your stay will be a comfortable one.

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