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Smooth Accounting are chartered accountants who support small to medium businesses and individuals with a wide range of accounting services in Chichester.
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    Welcome to Smooth Accounting – Chartered Accountants Chichester

    At Smooth Accounting, we are able to provide our Chichester based clients with a wide selection of services. This includes traditional accountancy such as: accounts preparation, bookkeeping and taxation advice. Contact us for more information.

    Small Business Accountants in Chichester

    We are trained and registered accountants, who are ideal for small businesses looking to grow. If you own a small business and need to become tax efficient we can help. Our accountants offer a wide range of experience and expertise in small business accounting, regardless of your industry and sector.

    When you own a small business you need to remain on top of all of your finances. This includes invoicing, expenses and yearly accounts. Dealing with HRMC can also be time consuming and complicated. Fortunately for you we can take care of all of the small business accounting tasks. We can become your personal accountants on a monthly retainer, we don’t charge by the hour for every little thing. We believe this is a far better way of providing an accounting service.

    What is a small business?

    A small business can be either a sole trade or a limited company. It is privately owned and if it is a limited company it has fewer than 50 employees and is eligible for certain grants, tax benefits and discounts.

    If you’re unsure whether this is you, our team can advise you on your company status and whether you might be able to take advantage of certain small business and government incentives.

    What small business accounting can we help you with?

    We love to support small businesses and help them to grow. We can assist you with a wide range of accounting services which includes: Bookkeeping, Cloud software, Annual Accounts, Management accounts, VAT, Tax Returns, PAYE & Payroll and Registered Office.

    VAT Accounting Services

    VAT can be difficult to understand and the regulations surrounding it are constantly changing. There are many rules and exceptions to navigate. With our help, you can be sure that your VAT obligations are met, without costing you the earth.

    At present, businesses with a taxable turnover of over £85,000 in a 12 month rolling period must register for VAT. This includes both Limited Companies and Sole Traders. However, if your turnover is under £150,000, there are VAT scheme options available to you.

    Why do I need VAT accountant in Chichester?

    VAT can be very confusing. Some goods and services are VAT exempt, whilst others aren’t. Failure to comply with your VAT obligations can result in fines and other issues. Our experienced team can ensure that you’re getting the most out of VAT, without paying over the odds. We can also advise on your individual circumstances and whether there might be beneficial schemes available to you.

    Save time and money with Xero Cloud Accounting

    Xero Cloud Accounting allows you to access your accounts, anywhere! It’s a secure and simple way to streamline your accounting across multiple devices – whether you’re at work, at home or on the road. Xero Cloud Accounting usually costs £28 a month + VAT (depending on your requirements) – plus we can handle the entire migration process for you.

    Bookkeeping Services

    Bookkeeping isn’t the most exciting of activities, but it is important when it comes to the day to day running of your business. Finding the time to enter receipts, keep up with invoices and log expenses can be difficult as a business owner. Our dedicated bookkeeping team are on hand to take care of those tasks for you.

    What is bookkeeping?

    In short, bookkeeping is the regular practise of keeping records of the financial affairs of your business. You will need these records when it comes to tax returns and end of year account submissions.

    Why do I need an accountant for my bookkeeping?

    Bookkeeping is one of the tasks that can keep you from developing your business or building your client base. By outsourcing your bookkeeping to an accountant, you can free up your time and rest assured that your financials are all in order. It will also ensure you have adequate accounting records should you get a HMRC inspection.

    Accountants for Self Employed and Sole Traders

    You’re self-employed if you run your own business, hire people, provide the equipment you need to work, charge for your services and sell goods or services for profit. A sole trader or self-employed person is not a limited company. If you’re unsure or need further information, please consult the HMRC website.

    What records do you need to keep?

    When you are self-employed, you are responsible for notifying HMRC of your earnings and paying all appropriate taxes. In order to do this correctly, you must keep records of: Your invoices. Your expenses. Your profit. You must fill out regular tax returns – or have your accountant file it for you.

    There are many costs associated with running your own business. If you have purchased certain items or services in conjunction with the day to day running of your business, you will be able to offset these against your turnover – meaning you do not have to pay tax on that amount. (i.e If you have spent £10,000 on expenses, and your turnover is £50,000 – you will only pay tax on £40,000).

    Accountants for Limited Companies in Chichester

    As a Limited Company, it is important to remain as tax efficient as possible, whilst fulfilling your various and ranging legal responsibilities. Full compliance protects your company against fees and penalties. We assist Limited Companies with tax preparation, taxation advice, financial efficiency, registered offices and bookkeeping. Allow us to handle the financial side of your business, so you can keep doing what you do best. A Limited Company is a private company – meaning that its finances and actions are separate from the finances of its owners. This protects individuals from financial issues, should their company fall on hard times.

    There are several other benefits of setting up a Limited Company, including tax advantages, dividends, investment opportunities and business loans. A Limited Company has more credibility, but added legal and personal responsibilities. We can help with the finer points of setting up your company and keeping it running in a financially viable and effective manner.

    Accountants for Landlords

    Being a landlord is an incredibly rewarding endeavour. However, it can be time consuming and stressful when it comes to arranging your accounts and tax affairs. If you have personal rental income you are required to register for self-assessment and complete annual tax returns. If you have a property portfolio it is similar to running a Limited Company and this might be a more tax efficient structure for you rather than owning properties personally. You may need help managing your various rental accounts, filing expenses and completing tax returns and registrations.

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    We work with a wide range of businesses on a national level and can give you the friendly and expert accounting advice you need.

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    We work with a wide range of businesses on a national level and can give you the friendly and expert accounting advice you need.

    Other Areas in West Sussex We Serve

    At Smooth Accounting we are able to provide small businesses, limited companies and individuals with a wide selection of accounting services. This includes traditional accountancy such as: accounts preparation, bookkeeping and taxation advice.

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    Why choose us as your accountant in Chichester?

    Allow us to help you maximise your property investment with dedicated and specialist landlord accounting.

    Jeri Williams Chartered Accountant Chichester

    Are you ready to get started?

    You didn’t get in to business to fiddle around with payroll and HMRC forms. We offer FREE discovery calls to individuals, sole traders, limited companies and professional businesses.

    Smooth Accounting is very proud to be supporting the amazing work of JUST ONE Tree, a non-profit reforestation initiative. For every tax return we file, we will be planting one tree.

    Trees really are the superheroes of our planet, cleaning the air we breathe, filtering the water we drink, giving life to the world’s wildlife and providing jobs to over 1.6 billion people.

    Yet deforestation is still a major threat to global warming. JUST ONE Tree plants a tree every 46 seconds in severely affected areas, with the aim to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and reverse biodiversity loss.

    We have just one planet. Together let’s restore it.