What to do on the Isle of Wight

Located off of the coast of Southern England, the Isle of Wight is unique amongst destinations within England due to its status as a fully separate island from the mainland, which has long made the county a destination for relaxation and quiet self-reflection. The Isle of Wight’s motto is “All this beauty is of God,” and this is certainly apparent due to the island’s lush greenery and spectacular views. With this tranquility also exists a surprising abundance of things to do on the island, which are certainly worth exploring after you have taken in the island’s beauty. 

The Isle of Wight Festival

Every June, the island holds the Isle of Wight Festival, one of England’s largest such gatherings for music, that since 1968 has seen numerous popular British and European musical acts play in front of large crowds. It can be said that this festival is the island’s star attraction and this is witnessed by the thousands of participants who cram onto the island every summer. Tickets can sell out quite quickly, so it is always a great idea to purchase shortly after the year’s lineup has been announced. 

Isle of Wight Coastal Footpath

First and foremost, the natural beauty and scenery of any island are one of the first thoughts that likely occur to visitors, and the Isle of Wight has a nature trail that fully satisfies this. The Isle of Wight Coastal Path is a round walking path that covers 70 miles of the island in diameter. This trail is perfect for leisurely strolls, bike rides, and even hiking as it circumvents a large area of the island with beautiful views of the English Channel. This attraction is also perfect for sightseeing, as it features many Victorian towers and seaside structures that deposit you directly amongst history. 

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Osborne House

Speaking of Queen Victoria, arguably the island’s most famous former resident, the lavish home that she had constructed and shared with Prince Albert, is open for public tours. Osborne House is a marvel of Victorian architecture that combines both the ornate and the traditional, which matched the homelife that Victoria enjoyed. This attraction is likely the pinnacle of the island’s offerings for history lovers and is certainly a must if you are spending the day in East Cowes. 

Take a Ride with Hovertravel

Hovertravel is a ferry company that operates a fleet of hovercraft vessels, which are boats that use a type of air-cushion to glide across open waters. This unique type of sea travel is fun, especially if you enjoy bumpy rides, and is perfect as a point of travel between both Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight. This is also a great attraction if you are taking a vacation in either Portsmouth or the Isle of Wight since it easily transports you across the Solent to experience both destinations. 

The Isle of Wight is located off of the Southern Coast of England and is a popular attraction for holidaying for both nationals and tourists alike. As an entirely operating county within England, the island has its own unique brand of appeal, in addition to a richly accessible history that stretches back centuries. Sightseeing is the primary attraction for this destination, and a hike along the 70-mile long Coastal Path is an experience well worth taking. Even if the popular Isle of Wight Festival is not your speed, there are numerous attractions well worth seeing, many of which are both intimate and culturally enriching. No matter how you arrive, a ride on the Hovertravel should definitely be experienced.

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