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Reasons why Smooth Accounting recommend Xero

Times are changing and just as we have embraced living with robots, driverless cars and augmented reality, now is the time to take your accounting to the next level.
Why use Xero accounting software?
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    As HMRC continues to implement new initiatives in order to make tax digital, cloud-based systems such as Xero are becoming more and more important.

    smooth accounting recommends xero software

    Xero is an innovative online accounting solution that allows you to seamlessly access your finances, no matter where in the world you happen to be. As Smooth Accounting are Xero Gold Partners, we can show you how to get the most out of its applications.

    From automatic invoicing to managing your expenses, payments and cashflow, it’s all stored in one easy to access area. Here we explain what Xero can do for your business.

    Access Xero anytime, anyplace

    One of the greatest advantages of Xero accounting software, is that you can access it regardless of where you happen to be. Whether you are in Fareham or the Far East, you can take control of your finances from any smart device, simply with the click of a button.

    You don’t need to be chained to your desk to pay invoices, reconcile your accounts or file your expenses as there is even a mobile app for those who are on the go, or are simply seeking ways to be savvier with their time.

    Simplifying your accounts

    If you are a technophobe, then don’t despair as Xero is incredibly intuitive. As well the mandatory search and help functions, there are short videos and even templates already setup for users who don’t have the time to create them.

    Xero can automatically pay bills, fire off invoices and accept payments from PayPal, credit card and debit card, which all helps to increase cash-flow. Plus, with Xero, you won’t need to worry about any software updates or changes to tax regulations or compliance, as this is all taken of automatically.

    And, as we all like to view things differently, Xero allows you to customise your dashboard to focus on the areas of your business that are of specific interest to you.

    At a glance it will instantly inform you on the overall health of your business’s finances, but if you want to delve deep into the numbers there are individual charts for cash flow, bank accounts, invoices and sales. You name it, Xero can supply it.

    Predicting a brighter business future

    But the most exciting part of installing this piece of software, lies in the opportunities it gives you to go above and beyond with your business planning.

    Thanks to a real-time view of your most important numbers, you can sit down and review where improvements can be made to make your business even more successful. By making smarter decisions and projections in the short term can often lead to more profitable outcomes in the future.

    Here’s looking at you

    And this can now be a two-way process between accountant and client.

    Once notoriously difficult to use, inflexible and often only viewable on one specific computer; conventional accounting software was mainly used by one user and their accountant.

    Now thanks to Xero, data can be accessed simultaneously between ourselves at Smooth Accounting and our clients, effortlessly providing all the tools, support and knowledge you could possibly need in order to grow.

    Protecting your data online

    The thought of having all your financial information floating around in the ether can leave some business owners feeling vulnerable against cyber hackers and the safety surrounding access to sensitive information.

    But rest assured, Xero Accounting Software is completely secure, requires zero human interaction when feeding through data, and backs up your data along the way. It also guards your sensitive information using industry-standard security measures, to ensure that your data has the maximum protection.

    Smooth Accounting can give your business the golden touch

    As a hard-working business owner, you owe it to yourself to wave goodbye to your beloved spreadsheet and welcome in a modern online accounting system that can help you see the bigger picture, relax about tax and best of all, do the hard work for you.

    At Smooth Accounting in Fareham, we have been helping hundreds of business owners make the easy transition over to Xero. As a result of our knowledge and know-how, Xero have recognised and awarded us with a Gold Champion Partner Status.

    We have also been nominated for a Xero award in the small business category!

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    If the thought of having your financial figures at your fingertips and the ability to streamline your accounts sounds appealing, get in touch with Smooth Accounting today.

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